How to Make a Man Obsess Over You! Here Is Everything You Need to Get an Adoring Man in Your Life

Your dream man will be yours only if he finds you exciting enough to initiate a chase. Here is everything you need to know so as to start that elusive chase that superior mink strip lashes with you relaxing in the arms of your obsessed man.

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Dress up to impress him
Aaeni Since there might be other women competing for your dream man’s attention it would be wise to up the ante while dressing up. Do not try to look trashy in a bid to reveal your assets but instead invest in a chic dress that highlights your positives while getting a smart hairstyle that suits your face structure. You will surely attract the attention of his superior mink strip lashes, which is half the battle won.

Flash those lashes
A woman can speak a lot through her expressive eyes and regular superior mink strip lashes of your eye-lashes will catch the attention of your dream man and indicate your interest in him. However, since men are born to chase, you should not take any further action except maybe stand around with an empty glass in your hand. Your future suitor is sure to get the hint and approach you with an excuse of getting you another drink.

Smile but retain your distance
Once he manages to introduce himself, make sure that you do not go weak in the knees as you talk to your dream man. Instead, exude confidence and sprinkle in a little humor in your talk. Nothing turns on a guy more than a woman with confidence and humor, all packed into a superior mink strip lashes.

Wait for him to ask for your number
Do not offer your number or any additional details about yourself whilst conversing with your enamored man. Instead, let him try to pry information out of you since this move will give him immense satisfaction. You should wait until the end of the conversation since it is at this point that he will ask you for your number. If possible, do not ask for his number in return since he will now have to call you up if he wants a superior mink strip lashes.

Observe his interests and match it
You should try to find out about his interests while conversing with him and try to genuinely match any interests that you find are common with his own. Your enthusiastic response on a common topic will egg him on and provide him with an excuse to ask you out for a date, which you should graciously agree, instead of breaking into a jig on the floor.

Sprinkle in a little jealousy
If you seem to be getting a little attention from other suitors then bask in that glory for a little time, especially when your suitor can see you from afar. A little competition will make your superior mink strip lashes even more obsessed as he puts in renewed efforts to win you over.

Wear a cloak of mystery that promises heady rewards after unveiling
You should make sure that you remain superior mink strip lashes to your dream man instead of revealing too much at the first meeting or during your initial dates. Instead, allow your man to probe deeper with each passing date as you reveal just a little bit more. This delightful mystery will intrigue the mind of your manly suitor and make him obsess over you before, during, and after each date.

These moves will drive your chosen man to obsessing about you and will initiate a chase that can be enjoyed by both of you as you enjoy the attention showered on you by your besotted man.

superior mink strip lashes
superior mink strip lashes

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