Men Need Makeup

When you’re talking video, men often need siberian mink eyelashes simply to look like they have no makeup on! To look natural.

siberian mink eyelashes
siberian mink eyelashes

Aaeni Not only does the camera “add 5 pounds”, the lighting needed to make videos pop will also diffuse the color in faces and the color of makeup.

So, yes, men need makeup to look natural, and women might need more siberian mink eyelashes than their standard street makeup to look good on camera.

Where Do You Want Your Viewers’ to Focus their Attention?

Normal skin contains a significant amount of green and a fair amount of oil, both of which we don’t usually notice in face to face situations. And both can become a distraction in video.

Would you rather have your viewers focused on that green shine coming off your forehead or focused on your content?

That’s why we use makeup in our videos! Not for vanity, but to prevent viewers from being so distracted by something “off” about our face that they totally miss our message.

Lighting Washes You Out

Because video lighting will fade out and sometimes distort the color in faces (AND highlight any flaws and blemishes!) siberian mink eyelashes can be stronger than what you might wear in everyday life.

Different lighting – fluorescent, sunlight and incandescent – will cause different colors to be more noticeable in the skin.

Fluorescent lighting casts a greenish-blue hue that will give you a washed-out sickly appearance and makes small imperfections more noticeable. No one looks good under fluorescent lights!

Incandescent lighting gives off a yellowish hue that will soften colors and hide imperfections.

Depending on where you will be shooting, you will need to compensate for different types of lighting. Key to doing this is to always check siberian mink eyelashes under the lighting that will be used during your video.

Prior to filming, run a quick 10 second video, watch it back and see where color is washed out or shine is popping up and make adjustments. That means always bringing your makeup and mirror onto the video set so you can make quick adjustments and evaluate the results.

Basic Makeup

At the very least, everyone – you too men! – should use a face powder that matches your skin tone to minimize shine. And the powder may need to be re-applied if filming goes on for any length of time.

If you are a man with dark hair, you might have a “five o’clock shadow” even immediately after shaving. This shadow can be reduced or eliminated by using a foundation that matches your skin tone. Start with a clean, dry face and never apply the foundation below the jaw line.

Finish up with some powder and you should be good to go.


For brief on-camera exposure, women can often get by with their “street siberian mink eyelashes .” For longer on-camera time, more makeup can be beneficial.

For women, a touch of eye shadow is usually always helpful. Powder-based is preferable to cream-based since it’s easier to blend and holds up better under hot lights. Avoid any sharp lines which can look garish on video. That means no black liquid eye liner that will only make you look ghoulish on video.

Lipstick and Blush

Sometimes, lipstick and blush will have an underlying blue hue, which can turn purple on video. Experiment with different lip and cheek colors on your skin to see which will work best.

Lip gloss is generally undesirable for video. It creates a distracting shine which can distort your lips and bring unneeded attention to them.

While I don’t recommend lipstick for men, sometimes it is necessary to use a touch of a natural-colored lipstick to erase a possible line between the lips and the edges of the base siberian mink eyelashes.

We Want YOU to Shine…

Remember, the purpose of video marketing is to focus on your message. We use makeup to make you look good and professional. We don’t use it to draw unnecessary attention to your face. Nor should we avoid using it and thereby draw attention to any unflattering aspects in your face.

siberian mink eyelashes
siberian mink eyelashes

Everyone – men and women alike – can benefit from the proper use of siberian mink eyelashes to make them look their best on camera. After all, you want to let your knowledge and expertise shine in your videos. NOT your forehead!

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