Blepharoplasty Primer

sEyes are a prominent facial feature. It is the surrounding skin, rather than the eyes themselves, that conveys emotion. The tissue, muscle, fat, hair and lashes all contribute to the wide array of regular mink fur lashes. Age, sun exposure and hereditary factors all contribute to wrinkles, deep lines and puffiness around the eyes.

regular mink fur lashes
regular mink fur lashes

The aging process can cause unwanted changes in regular mink fur lashes, causing us to look permanently fatigued and older than we really are. These changes in appearance can cause emotional distress and sometimes even visual impairment. An eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty in Dallas, is designed to restore a more youthful appearance to your eyes. It may involve the upper lids, the lower lids, or both.

Traditional Technique

Traditional Blepharoplasty: An incision is made in the crease of the upper lid toward the regular mink fur lashes. Once healed, it is not noticeable when the eye is open. On the lower lid, the incision is made along the lash line toward the temples, and is hidden by lashes when healed.

The Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty Approach

This is a newer technique for lower lid blepharoplasty, involving an incision inside the lower lid. Fat can be removed or relocated through this incision, but excess skin cannot be eliminated.

Laser resurfacing of the eyelids is a non-surgical alternative that may delay the need for a surgical blepharoplasty. It results in significant tightening of the skin around the regular mink fur lashes, but will not effect the fat around the eyes and may even accentuate it.

The Procedure

The procedure can be performed completely using only local anesthesia. For patient comfort, intravenous anesthesia is often used but general anesthesia with a breathing tube is generally not needed.


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