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Popularity of Christine Blundell in the Hollywood Industry

There is no doubt about the fact that the film industry is fragmented without the styling, hair and the glue korea lashes department. To hold the masterpiece of Hollywood film together, piece of makeup and hair styling skills have to be adjusted. What you see on the big screen, will never look as effective and real in the absence of makeup. No doubt there are numerous makeup and hair styling artists in the loci of the film industry. Amongst the numerous makeup artists and hair stylists, outshines a name due to her creativity and excellence with regards to skills in the respective field. This name is of Christine Blundell, also known as Chris.

glue korea lashes
glue korea lashes

Aaeni This talented personality was born in October 1961 engraved with a spirit of creativity that later attracted loads of applaud and appreciation from numerous personalities. Her very first experience with hair styling and glue korea lashes skills was working with certain band in the late 1970s. She later started working in a salon in Kensington Market. After the experience at this salon, a trip was made to the beautiful area of Cape Town. The objective behind this trip was to educate people about and promote synthetic hair extensions.

Chris later opened her very own hairdressing salon which gained tremendous amount of success for four years. Her salon’s main focal point was high-end fashion. This made her capable to sell up and focus on a career, consuming her skills and talent with regards to hair styling in television and film. The profits generated from the salon were invested in an intensive glue korea lashes course. The course had duration of three months.

Right after finishing this course, Chris was employed to work on the Phantom of The Opera, to do prosthetics. This was continued till Chris received a phone call which led her to the Isle of Man where she had to assist cutting hundreds of hair into short back and side, of extras’. This was the spot where Chris got acquainted with L.W.T glue korea lashes and hair team. Impressed by Chris’ work, they employed her for productions yet to come.

Chris’ career was further indulged into film with a phone call that required her assistance for Mike Leigh’s new film, Life is Sweet. This initiated a long, healthy and successful relationship with Mike Leigh. Chris is known to have spread the magic of her skills on several movies. Her works include; the boat that rocked (2009 – for hair and glue korea lashes ), Happy-Go-Luck (2008 – hair and makeup), Sunshine (2007 – chief hair and makeup designer), Casino Royale (2006- hair dressing) and many more. Her upcoming work will be shown in Sherlock Holmes and London Boulevard.

glue korea lashes
glue korea lashes

Chris has been awarded several times for her amazing talent. She was nominated by the British Academy of film and television art as the Best hair and glue korea lashes for Vera Drake (2004) and Finding Neverland (2004). She won an award for Topsy-Turvy (1999). Her amazing work will be screened soon which will surely gather much applause and appreciation.

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