Quick Mama Makeover

Being a Mum, and also being a false lashes extension artist means I’ve had to quickly learn the fine art of ‘Makeup on the Run!’ Who said that Mums can’t look and feel gorgeous before heading out for the day? We all know that life with a baby is stressful enough – without having to worry about how we look!

false lashes extension
false lashes extension

Aaeni Take last Friday for example. I was due to be out the door in 10 minutes. I felt an absolute mess, tumbling around with my makeup, not knowing what to put where, to get a killer look or simply a carefree, natural and effortless look that says ‘I’m fabulous & not false lashes extension’

Here’s what I do, and did in these stressful situations. The following look suits anyone, anywhere and anytime you need it. Whether you’re at home with a baby on your hip, sitting in the car waiting to pick the kids up from school or even as your rushing out the door for your first night out with your husband!

This can be done in a matter of minutes, and all using false lashes extension and techniques that you know. What I find with my clients is that ladies just don’t know HOW to use the makeup that they have in their makeup bag! And on top of that – they have makeup in their bags which they NEVER touched in fear of putting it on wrong. Here’s how you can achieve a fabulous look while being sure that you’ll look gorgeous in no time!

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3…Skin, Eyes and Lips.

One – Skin: Apply a little foundation (& concealer around your eye if needed) and set with a translucent powder. Finish with a powdered blush.

Two – Eyes: There’s no time for eye shadow – so just curl your false lashes extension with a lash curler, then apply lots & lots of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. In my (very humble) opinion, you can never have too much…so put on some more for good measure!

Three – Lips: Apply a brightly coloured lipstick – one that suits your skin tone. For example, an orange-red can make your teeth look yellow – while a burgandy-red makes your teeth look white! Who needs ‘tooth whitening’ toothpaste now huh?!

Times up! The above look should only take you 10 minutes…(maybe 15 if your holding a baby!)

Try it out – I think you’ll be surprised by the look in such a short amount of time!

false lashes extension
false lashes extension

Jacqueline is a professional false lashes extension Arts based in New Plymouth, Taranaki.


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