Lip Makeup

Glossy and luscious lips provoke sex appeal. A smile with brightly colored youthful lips enhances your appearance. They are the most important facial part without decorating whom your color mink fur lashes is incomplete. Lip decoration has been continuing since very early till today. Now-a-days many cosmetics are available in the form of sticks, tubes, pencils and liquids in markets. Lip makeup application is a three step technique. Lip makeup is perfect if done with a steady hand, some practice and knowledge of the correcting techniques are an added advantage.

color mink fur lashes
color mink fur lashes

Lip color mink fur lashes Application

Step 1 Outlining

Aaeni The pencil liner is usually harder than lipstick and is used to line lips. Lip liners are a boon for defining the shape, if they are not perfect in shape. Ensure they are smooth and non-greasy before outlining. The liner pencil should be of the same color or the shade closer to the lipstick. Lining inside the natural contour make them appear thinner and fuller while lining out of the natural lip-line makes them look thick. Outlining them also prevents bleeding the lipstick.

Lightly outline them starting from the center for the upper lip extending towards the corner of the mouth and for the lower lip, work from side to side with a steady hand.

Step 2 Priming & Filling Up with Lipstick

The uneven skin tone can be overcome by filling them with a special base or balancer.

Varied colored Lipsticks are used to fill in between the outlines. The choice of color should harmonize with the rest of the color mink fur lashes and your outfit as well. Soft colors look good on pale skins while darker skins carry off vibrant shades.

Lipsticks contains fatty base to stays firm and solid. They are available in tubes, pots, pencils, and even wands. While selection a color current fashion trends too have an important role.

Use a “lip brush” to fill in lip color of your choice. Blend the “lip liner” and lipstick together with your “lip brush” so that there are no harsh edges. The lipstick must be applied twice. After applying first coat, blot it with two-ply tissue paper by placing the tissue on the mouth and pressing it gently or pressing the tissue paper between the lips. This absorbs the excess oils and leaves it with matte waxes. After blotting reapply the “lip color”. This procedure keeps it stay longer.

Application of some color mink fur lashes and powder on them if they are dark, before applying lipstick take away all the darkness from your lips.

Instead of matte lipstick a women above the age of 40 will look best with a little shine on lips.

Step 3: Lip Gloss

Apply “lip gloss” over lipstick or just alone on naked lips. “Lip gloss” would highlight the lips and therefore make them appear fuller. Women with “extra full lips” should avoid using “lip gloss” or use it sparingly.

color mink fur lashes
color mink fur lashes

Natural Lip Gloss

Don’t worry if you have run out of your “lip color mink fur lashes”!! Vaseline will work out the same way on the matte lipstick to give it a glossy finish.


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